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Dato: 1. december 2023 - 31. december 2024

Emnet skal enten ligge indenfor europæiske eller globale temaer, da webinarerne er økonomisk støttet af henholdsvis Europa-Nævnet eller Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd.

Du bedes overveje hvordan flest muligt elever på din skole kan deltage live, når webinaret gennemføres.

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Forslå tidspunkt for udførelse på følgende webinarer som gennemføres på engelsk:

1. Nikita Bulanin from Russia: On the political situation in Russia and Russia’s connection to Europe 

Nikita Bulanin is a Russian, based in Denmark. He works as an Advisor and a Project Coordinator at the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) in Copenhagen. Prior to joining IWGIA in 2019 he was working with international medical humanitarian organization Medecins sans Frontieres/Læger uden Grænser, both in different humanitarian crises around the world and also in the organization’s office in Copenhagen.  

2. Wakibu Bunnya from Uganda: On Localising the Sustainable Development Goals, and creating community engagement at a grassroots level and among youth 

Wakibu Bunnya is a social entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in youth development programming, debating, fundraising, community organizing, and non-profit start-ups. In recognition of his activism and leadership in organizing student debates, Wakibu was awarded the Youth Action Fund Award by the Open Society Institute Youth Initiative in 2008; In 2009, he would go on to found Open Space Centre, a youth-focused non-profit organization that creates dynamic spaces and opportunities for young people to fulfill their potential. He is running three projects with Crossing Borders Localising the SDGs, Green EcoLab and Amplifying localization of the SDS in Uganda. After attending the Folkemødet on Bornholm, Wakibu started his own local version in Uganda. 

3. Ibrahim Maahil Mohamed from the Maldives: On Climate change and solutions in the Maldives 

Ibrahim is a journalist and political science student from the Maldives. Ibrahim was enrolled in the Crossing Borders Global Studies program at Krogerup Højskole in 2017, and also volunteered at the Crossing Borders Organisation. Ibrahim is a strong advocate for Climate solutions, democracy, anti-corruption, peace, and peaceful coexistence. His mantra is that fight for climate change is a matter of survival for the Maldives.   

4. Illona Sahakyan from Armenia: On the current conflict in Armenia and their struggle for democracy 

Ilona Sahakyan is a driven educationalist, member of “European Youth Parliament” and a Peace Ambassador, who believes in the exceptional power of education. She has initiated the “Educational 8. revolution” project in Armenia. Ilona is a Crossing Borders Young Diplomat for Dialogue. Being born in a country which constantly deals with the tragedy of conflicts, wars, she’s more than ever determined to remain an active citizen and engage in change making. In the framework of “Educational revolution” she established her own educational center at the age of 17 and teaches English language to more than 100 students.  

5. Omar Al Sayed from Palestine: On the use of art in resistance 

Omar is the founder of Artvocacy. After many years working in Crossing Borders and with NGOs in several different roles, he became aware of a major gap in the way NGOs and humanitarian efforts communicate and advocate for social change. He realized that by combining his passion for the arts with his background in the development sector, he could make a valuable contribution to civil society organizations by demonstrating complex issues engagingly and memorably with visually appealing and emotionally impactful images and videos. In connection to the current situation in Palestine, Omar shares powerful art created from real photos taken in Palestine. With his art, Omar wishes to raise awareness and generate public discourse on important issues, bringing attention to causes that may otherwise be overlooked. 

6. John Muchenje from Zimbabwe: On democratic and peaceful participation of Zimbabwe’s youth in elections  

John Muchenje is the Founding Director of 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, a local national non-governmental organization that works to facilitate positive and sustainable change for children, youth and women in Zimbabwe. John is a native Zimbabwean with a lot of experience in the child and youth development sector with over 10 years of experience obtained from non-governmental organisations and working with Government. He has implemented two projects with Crossing Borders on youth for peace in Zimbabwe. 

7. Pearl Utuk from Nigeria: On quality education and learning spaces in Nigeria 

 Pearl is the director of the organisation TeachTheChild. Pearl is a Nelson Mandela Washington Fellow. She is engaged in implementing quality education for students in Nigeria and is working hard to address and solve the challenges that kids with fewer opportunities face in Nigeria. She is using talking books and pens to enable those kids to participate in education wherever they happen to be. Pear has developed and is implementing a Learning Space for SDG 4 for the kids in rural Nigeria.  

8. Salma Fikry from the Maldives: On gender, inclusion and human rights 

Salma Fikry is a Program Director at Institute of Governance and Development, Maldives. She has over 10 years of experience in rural/community development - specializing in program / project management, social and community mobilization. She is a gender and human rights advocate with a special focus on equity, democracy and inclusion. Salma is a former student of Crossing Borders global Studies at Krogerup Højskole.