Om kurset

Dato: 27. september 2022

While originating in response to US police-brutality, the movement has planted strong roots throughout the world, including Denmark. Not only that, but the movement has also started new and important conversations about racism and colonialism in Denmark.
This workshops are designed to create a safe space, where young Danish students of color are encouraged to share their own stories about racism in Denmark. Experiences that far too many, sadly, still have to endure. As such, the workshops set out to teach the students not only to understand but also to feel the very real cost and division that racism can cause on a human, relational and societal level.
v/ Crossing Borders

Webinaret afholdes tirsdag den. 27.9.22 kl. 8.30 -9.30 og er for elever, undervisere og andre interesserede.


Webinarer der omhandler EU og det europæiske fællesskab er støttet af Europa-Nævnet, og webinarer der omhandler globale emner er støttet af Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd.