Om kurset

Dato: 25. september 2023

They face different challenges, harassments and threats from various fronts. In eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa they risk losing their lives and freedom in addition to being barred from certain jobs etc. In Uganda, the government recently passed a law criminalising being LGBTQ+.

The workshop will start with introduction of the topic, present some updates with examples and Q&A and conclusion.

Speaker: Søren Sønderstrup, seasoned expert in democracy and good governance building, strategic communication,gender and international affairs with 20+ years lived experience from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Latin America. Søren has worked as adviser, observer and diplomat for the EU Commission, OSCE and the UN WHO, as højskole teacher and as communication adviser and entrepreneur in the cultural sector and in business compliance (ESG).

Webinaret afholdes den 25. september 2023 kl. 13.00 - 14.00 og er for elever, undervisere og andre interesserede.


Webinarer der omhandler EU og det europæiske fællesskab er støttet af Europa-Nævnet, og webinarer der omhandler globale emner er støttet af Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd.