The efterskole is a unique Danish independent residential school for students between 14 and 18 years old. Presently 30.669 students are attending one of the approximately 240 schools throughout Denmark

The schools are open to students from abroad, but please note that to attend, you must pay school fees like Danish students. On this website you can search for schools that have focus on different subjects, and it is also possible to find a list of schools with all subjects taught in English (CLIL)

Below is a short cartoon with an introduction to the Danish efterskole, and on this website you can read more facts about the efterskole, about the history and the cultural origin of the efterskole.

You may also have a look at our brochure The Danish Efterskole (pdf). If you would like a printed copy of the brochure, please write to us at

On our website you can also find a summary of a research project about the efterskole, as well as video-testemonials in Arabic, Mandarin chinese, Spanish, Portugese, German, Italian, Romanian and Hungarians from efterskole interns.

What others say about the Danish efterskole