The videos on this page are interviews with young people from different countries working as volounteers at the Efterskole as a part of an exchange program. Below a short description og the exchange programs.

The programs
The organizations AIESEC and ICYE gives young people the possibility to work as interns at a Danish Efterskole.

AIESEC is an organization for university students. AIESEC is in 113 countries and facilitate the contact between students and the Danish Efterskole. The internship will last for at least 8 weeks and is a cultural exchange between the Danish students and teachers at the Efterskole and the intern.

ICYE is an organization that arrange international youth exchange programs. One of these programs is the Danish Efterskole program, where young people become interns at an Efterskole in Denmark. This program focuses on the international dimension in everyday life and as a part of the education at the Efterskole.