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About the school

In the Music Efterskole we combine challenging academic lessons with a creative working day with lots of music, song and dance. Here you get five music lines, four academic study directions, two yearly study tours (Berlin and ?), solo lessons, lots of tours AND friends for life!

In the Music Efterskole ( Efterskole: a unique Danish residential school for students aged 14-18), we combine challenging academic lessons with a creative working day with lots of music, song and dance. Here you get five music lines, four academic study directions, two yearly study tours (Berlin and ?), solo lessons, lots of tours AND friends for life!

See more on www.musikefterskolen.dk or follow us on https://www.facebook.com/musikefterskolen

As a student at the Music Efterskole you cultivate your passion for music and simultaneously get yourself ready for a youth education. You must choose a music line, an academic study direction and an optional subject.

Furthermore you will participate in choir practise and SSB. You will receive solo lessons on you main instrument.

And you can also choose a voluntary optional subject and receive solo lessons in one more instrument. 


5 line subjects

All our music teachers are highly educated and/or practising musicians. And so will you become in the Music Efterskole. All five music lines are working with Band-Projects, where you will learn to cope with everything regarding gigs – from ensemble playing technicalities to sound, gear, booking, economy and performance.

Choose between:

Electronic – Learn to produce your own tracks. In theory as well as practice.

Musical – Singing lessons and performance. We work on small and large productions and are continuously working on the next performance.

Folk & World – A quite special class with a unique instrument make-up. We cultivate presence and the musical diversity of the world. 

Rhythm – We will start with a tour of the rhythmical music’s many genres, and in the autumn you will choose one of our special classes, for instance blues, soul, klezmer, rock or noise rock.

Jazz - From standards to bebop to free jazz. Improvisation and personal expression. If you aren’t a jazz geek beforehand, this is where you will become one.


4 Academic Study Directions

Our academic classes are organised in study directions with each their higher theme. It is about the big questions in life. And whether you are able to influence your education in the exact direction, which suits you best. The lessons in all classes are study preliminary and will qualify you for secondary school’s final exams FP9 and FP10.

Choose between:

Philosophy of life, philosophy and religion – What makes you wonder? Perhaps you won’t find the answers, but you will learn. About yourself too.

Science, organisation and project management. Here you will learn to research and experiment. What’s a good idea? And how do you carry it out? Academic immersion in the big questions of natural science combined with entrepreneurship.

Communication, media and promotion – Learn to communicate, so you’ll leave a mark. This class runs the school’s own internal TV-channel and work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

International – Do you want to experience the world? Start here! International projects and collaborations with foreign schools.


Joint projects: Throughout the year we make a lot of joint projects, theme days and weeks for instance musicals, song writing days, concerts (at big halls, like Vega in Copenhagen), shows AT-week (common studies), bridge building, team building and lots of other things...

Travels: Our travels to the metropoles Berlin (and another destination, maybe New York) are integrated into the lessons, and we perform, experience and meet other young people on the way. We will also have visits from students from a music grammar school in Berlin.

Optional subjects: Vocal ensemble, drama, SSB, dance, MGK-preparation, improvisation and solo playing, song writing workshop, studio and technique.

Elective subjects: Band-lab, band-project, choir, gymnastics, art.

Premises: We have our own studio, hall and seven well-equipped practice studios, which are always free for use for our students.

Situation: The Music Efterskole is situated in Humble on Langeland, close to beautiful nature and great beaches. It is easy to access the school with public transportation, or the bus, which the school supplies in the weekends.

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Educational offers

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Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

Contact the school for more information about the school's subjects.

More than 3 hours per week
About 3 hours per week
Less than 3 hours
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  • Alternativ 10. klasse
  • Alternativ energi
  • Anatomi
  • App udvikling
  • Badminton
  • Bæredygtighed
  • Band
  • Bas
  • Billedbehandling
  • Blæselinje
  • Cambridge - English
  • Crossfit
  • Cubase
  • dancestyle
  • Demokrati
  • Eksistens
  • Elektronisk musik
  • Elektronisk musiklinje
  • Etik
  • Film
  • Fitness
  • Forfatterlinje
  • Fotokunst
  • Fotolinje
  • Global iværksætter
  • Guitar
  • iMovie
  • Indspilning
  • International linje
  • Journalistiklinje
  • Keyboard
  • Klaver
  • Konservatorie-forberedelse
  • Kor
  • Kulturforståelse
  • LEGOMindstorms
  • Lektiehjælp
  • Løb
  • Lyd & Lys Linje
  • Lyd og lys
  • Lydteknik
  • Medborgerskab
  • MGK-forberedelse
  • Motion
  • Motionscenter
  • Musicallinje
  • Musikkomposition
  • Musiklinje
  • Nodekursus
  • Performance
  • Performance
  • Projektledelse
  • Rejser
  • RT - rytmisk træning
  • Rulleski
  • Samfundsfagslinje
  • Sammenspil
  • Sang
  • Sanglinje
  • Sangskrivning
  • Scenekunst
  • Sceneteknik
  • Science
  • Sciencelinje
  • Skuespil
  • Sprog
  • Stomp
  • Teater
  • Trommer
  • TV-produktion
  • Udveksling
  • Verdensborgerskab
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