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About the school

We are 186 students at Hellebjerg. We think this is a good size since it makes it possible for all of us to get to know each other yet large enough to being able to offer professional and modern facilities plus a broad variety of personalities and friendships.

We are the first sports boarding school in Denmark with line courses in Football, Handball, Badminton, Golf and Adventure & Fitness - girls only.
We believe that an individual is poor without a community. And the community only exists through the individual. At Hellebjerg we focus on enhancing the individual on both a sporty, academically and human plan so that the individual can go out in to the world and create healthy and stimulating relationships and communities.
Hellebjerg First is 10th grade with grades
We have a high professional level and have a strong focus on our students’ future. We guide and support them in finding out who they are and which direction they wish to go. This is one of the reasons why we designed Hellebjerg First which allows our students to create an individual schedule preparing them optimally for their further education. The courses span from police over coaching, marketing to human geography. Classes in Danish, mathematics and English are compulsory in some parts of the year though.
9+ is 9th grade with focus
We call our 9th grade for 9+. The plus stands for the technical tools we present in terms of reading and studying and examples on how to gain an extra gear from group work. Naturally we also teach in the full curricula of Folkeskolens 9. klasse prøve.
Our sports and individual sport courses
We have five line courses namely Football, Handball, Badminton, Golf and Adventure & Fitness – girls only.
At Hellebjerg we practice our sports 4 days a week and play a lot of matches and tournaments. When you spend so much time on your sport it’s important to have an eye on prevention of injuries. This is why we also spend time on physical training and injury prevention and has a physiotherapist among our staff.
Also you get a coaching education while at Hellebjerg.
At Hellebjerg we have room for both the width and the elite. What’s important for us is that you are passionate about your sport, have the will to improve your qualifications and look forward to many hours of sports.
We also offer gymnastic and athletic plus a lot of elective courses in other sports.
Our academic courses
At Hellebjerg we prioritize the academic side and the vast majority of our students continue to college.
Our teachers are well educated and passionate and our facilities are modern with smart boards and WIFI on the entire area.
We expect for our students to take responsibility and participate actively in class. Each evening we have a study hour and the possibility of attending a homework café.
Our buildings and surroundings
Our school is placed in a scenic area with a view over the sea of Kattegat and the forest. We are only a 10 minute walk from a fine beach and the popular harbor village Juelsminde.
Our students live in modern buildings in two-person rooms and will be part of family groups of typical 8 students. Each family group has a teacher connected to their group and this teacher will see to that the students thrive – as individuals and as a member of the Hellebjerg family.
We are surrounded by nature giving us plenty of outdoor room for leisure activities such as beach volley and an amphitheater with a campfire. The students can use all the activities in their free time. We also have access to tennis courts and an 18-hole golf court in our back garden – literally.
Our community
It’s important for us that our students get to feel the power of a good community and of a boarding school stay in general. One of the things we do to create a good community is our two daily sessions where we all meet, events such as Hellebjerg Camp, our annual Christmas fair, our many tournaments, our annual skiing trip and our line course training camps abroad.
Also we arrange theme weekends where we have fun with different experiences and get to feel the power of a boarding school life.
Our values
We are an open and modern school based on a Christian foundation with values such as community and democracy, responsibility, individual growth and forming, enhancing of educational skills and sporty and creative expression.
All inclusive
At Hellebjerg your monthly payments cover a training suit, sports clothes, an alpine skiing trip, a line course training camp abroad and Cambridge English (optional). 

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Educational offers

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Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

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Less than 3 hours
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  • Badminton
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  • Rytmisk gymnastik
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  • Volleyball
Hellebjerg Idrætsefterskole

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