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About the school

At Midtjysk Efterskole we believe that friendship and a sense of community are established through new experiences, trust and open conversation. There are six different lines (specialist subjects). We have our own swimming pool, sports hall, outdoor activities area, athletics track, creative workshop, a large theatre and three music studios.

We take dialogue seriously
At Midtjysk Efterskole we take dialogue seriously. We want to get to know you, and find out what’s happening in your life right now. We also want to talk with your parents about how you can have the best possible stay at Midtjysk.

You will be able to try everything
At Midtjysk, you will get the opportunity to choose, but first after you have tried a bit of everything. Maybe you will find something you didn’t know you liked, and you will experience some things you might have never tried before!

Our subjects
We focus on six specialist subjects: Art, drama/theatre, Nordic outdoor life, music, water sports and sport/physical education.
During the two first months, you will be guided through these six specialist subjects and will be presented with the many different opportunities they include. Afterwards, you will choose one to focus on for the rest of the school year.

Special subjects
Art (re-design, painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, textiles)
Drama/Theatre (performance which can be physically and mentally challenging in an expressive, creative way)
Nordic outdoor life (climbing, kayak, overnight trips, team-building, basic outdoor skills)
Music (rock, pop and many other genres, focus instrument, singing, rhythm training, instrumental rotation, concerts, stomp & theory)
Water Sports (swimming, underwater rugby, water polo, Eskimo Roll)
Sport/PE (basic training, leader education, handball, flag football, gymnastics, triathlon)
Every year we have a “special subject week” where the whole week is spent with your specialist subject.

You will improve academically
At Midtjysk Efterskole, you will improve academically in the subjects you are good at, and we will help you improve in those subjects you need help in. 
Located in the middle of Jutland
Midtjysk Efterskole is located in Ejstrupholm right between Silkeborg, Herning, Vejle and Horsens in beautiful surroundings only 100 meters from a large lake and forest.

If you are interested in a school year filled with sports, outdoor life, music, theatre, art, water sports, good friends and a lot of shared experiences, then Midtjysk Efterskole is the place you should choose for your 9th or 10th grade!

A modern school
Midtjysk Efterskole is a modern school with 50 years experience. The school has a lot of modern facilities which include a teatre for acting, a full size olympic swimming pool, a sports hall, a football stadium, our own Nordic outdoor life centre, three music rooms and recording studio and creative art/ceramics studio. There are Smart Boards and projectors in all of our class rooms and WI-FI everywhere at the school!

There are seven student dorms with boy and girl rooms and bathrooms in the same dorms.

We have our values
At Midtjysk Efterskole we believe in trust, democracy and culture and that every individual is unique.

We focus on a positive idea of humanity. This means that we appreciate you as a person, and we have confidence that you want to actively take part in the school community.

Other activities offered
We offer Liberal Arts subjects, electives and a yearly trip to another country: usually a ski trip to Norway.

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Educational offers

Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet.

Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

Contact the school for more information about the school's subjects.

More than 3 hours per week
About 3 hours per week
Less than 3 hours
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  • Absurdteater
  • Adventure
  • Alpin ski
  • Band
  • Bas
  • Boldspil
  • Boldspil i vand
  • Bordtennis
  • Brugskunst
  • Cirkus og gøgl
  • Crossfit
  • Dykkercertifikat
  • Elektronisk musik
  • Engelsk
  • Fælleskor
  • Fitness
  • Floorball
  • Futsal
  • Genbrug
  • Guitar
  • Høvdingebold
  • Idrætslinje
  • Indspilning
  • Komposition
  • Konditionstræning
  • Kreativ
  • Kunsthåndværk
  • Kunsthåndværkslinje
  • Land art
  • Løb
  • Manuskript
  • Maskeskuespil
  • Medborgerskab
  • Mindfulness
  • Morgensang
  • Motion
  • Motionscenter
  • Mountainbike
  • Musikkomposition
  • Musiklinje
  • Musikproduktion
  • Natur
  • Naturvidenskab
  • Outdoor
  • Outdoorlinje
  • Performance
  • Projektledelse
  • Projektlederuddannelse
  • Rakubrænding
  • Rapelling
  • RT - rytmisk træning
  • Rytme og beats
  • Sammenspil
  • Sammenspil - funk
  • Sammenspil - rock
  • Sang
  • Sangskrivning
  • Singer/songwriter
  • Ski - langrend
  • Skuespil
  • Spinning
  • Sport
  • Sportslinje
  • Stomp
  • Studieteknik
  • Studieteknik
  • Teater
  • Teaterlinje
  • Teatersport
  • Teaterteknik
  • Tons og tummel
  • Trekking
  • Trommer
  • Ture
  • Vandreture i lokalområdet
  • Vandsport
  • Videokunst
  • Vinterbadning
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
Midtjysk Efterskole

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