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About the school

Every year we receive international students. You can participate in a philharmonic orchestra, folk music, piano class and vocal-drama class. Students should also be willing to learn Danish. Most important is that you will get to know other young musicians who share your passion in music.

The small school is situated in a beautiful part of West Denmark, near the stunning North Sea coast and just 59 miles/95km from the country’s second biggest airport. Whenever possible the obligatory subjects are given a musical angle and the students regularly go on trips, for instance to the Royal Theatre or the Symphonic Orchestra in Copenhagen. 

The school has a programme for international students. To qualify for a scholarship, the students must have a certain level of musical competence. Students should also be willing to learn some Danish. The friendly staff ensures that students, particularly foreign ones, feel part of the community. Students live in shared accommodation – eight per cottage and two per room. Everyone has to muck in when it comes to cleaning and washing the dishes. There’s no classes during the weekends and the student are free to go home, but many choose to stay, as there’s a variety of activities on offer.

But there’s more to Orkester Efterskolen than music - there’s the national curriculum to get through and the school gets great results. The school is aimed at 15-17 year olds, (Danish school year 9-10) and a year here is an excellent springboard for students who want to go onto study A levels or international baccalaureate.

A recurring comment from past and present students is, that they really enjoy being part of a community where everyone shares the same interest - an interest that isn’t all that common amongst teenagers. 

Music education at your level. All teachers are highly qualified and will make sure that there is room for everybody who share the interest in music. We enjoy playing easy pieces as well as chambermusic with proff. musiciens and every year you can be challenged at the highest level when Ensemble MidtVest teach and play concert with some of our students. http://www.dacapo-records.dk/en/artist-ensemble-midtvest.aspx

So wether you want a career in classical music or just enjoy playing music and fancy a change of scenery, a year at Orkester Efterskolen is ideal for any young music lover.

Check our homepage www.orkesterefterskolen.dk/internationalenglish and read Read the personal stories in GermanEnglishFrench and Spanish. 

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Educational offers

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Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

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About 3 hours per week
Less than 3 hours
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  • Alternativ 10. klasse
  • Badminton
  • Billedkunst
  • Bordtennis
  • Demokrati
  • Eksistens
  • Engelsk
  • Fælleskor
  • Fitness
  • Guitar
  • International linje
  • Kammermusik
  • Klassisk musik
  • Klaver
  • Klaverlinje
  • Komposition
  • Konservatorie-forberedelse
  • Kor
  • Lektiehjælp
  • Løb
  • Medborgerskab
  • MGK-forberedelse
  • Morgensang
  • Musikkomposition
  • Musikkundskab
  • Musiklinje
  • Nodekursus
  • Rejser
  • Sammenspil
  • Sang
  • Sanglinje
  • Scenekunst
  • Slagtøjslinje
  • Styrketræning
  • Symfoniorkester
  • Udveksling

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Klaus Wilbrandt Kjær