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    9, 10, 8

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About the school

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole specializes in European Social Studies and languages. All students participate in three trips abroad. More than 30 electives. International study program – all subjects are taught in English except Danish, German and French. Exams from Cambridge International Examinations, Goethe-Institut and Institute Français.

Welcome to Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole

A unique school in a very unique school system.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole is located in Rejsby, Southern Jutland, about 50km from the German border and in close proximity to Denmark’s oldest town Ribe and the city of Esbjerg.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole is a self-governing boarding school (efterskole) offering formal secondary education for 9th-10th grade students (app. 14-17 years of age). The school specializes in European Studies and languages, as well offering students the choice of over 30 elective subjects. 

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole is based upon Grundtvig/Kold social-cultural values, whose general principles are general education, co-existence and enlightenment for life, with emphasis on putting historical, political and cultural issues into context. Pupils’ participation in the cultural debate is also seen as an important part of the individual’s personal development.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole is known for its high educational standards and pedagogical practices, but also our proven ability to develop our students both socially and academically, especially in regards to their international competencies. The majority of our students continue into higher education.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole values knowledge and understanding of Europe and Europeans in high regard. This also includes knowledge of the EU’s institutions and functions. This is achieved, in part, through teaching of our very own Social Studies curriculum with particular focus on Europe.

Language acquisition is also an integral part of the international dimension, which in turn helps to promote better understanding of other cultures. As well as compulsory teaching of Danish, English and German and/or French in the 9th and 10th grades, Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole offers all students the opportunity to take internationally recognized examinations in English (Cambridge Examinations), French (DELF) and German (Goethe) to supplement their Danish qualifications. There is also the possibility to learn Spanish, Italian and French as beginners’ language. The school also offers Danish as a foreign language.

In respect to English and German, the school has native speakers employed. Furthermore, we benefit from hosting European teaching assistants and volunteers, who enhance the international dimension both inside and outside of the classroom.

All students participate in three annual study trips at no extra cost. In September, the pupils will head to Tuscany on an activity trip. Students will visit Belgium in February to see the European Parliament and Commission. In April students will travel with their classmates to visit our partner schools in Europe to participate in a cultural exchange.

Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole currently has a number of partnerships with schools throughout Europe. Exchanges and cooperation with these schools give our students unique experiences as well as the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of other European cultures. It also gives them the chance to make new friends and improve their language skills.

Our exchanges are based on a like for like principle. We can offer our guests the chance to attend and stay at our unique school, see local attractions and visit students’ homes whilst they are in Denmark.

The foundations of the community at the school are built upon openness, friendliness, tolerance and shared responsibility. Participation in this unique mini-society aims to build relationships and create greater awareness and understanding of others. Furthermore, our study trips aim to create a better appreciation of other cultures and develop international co-operation and understanding.

The school is easily reached by road (11) and has good rail connections to both Esbjerg and Tønder (DK)/Niebüll (DE). The nearest international airport is Billund.

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Educational offers

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Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

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Less than 3 hours
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  • All subjects taught in English
  • Almen grammatik
  • Badminton
  • Bas
  • Billedbehandling
  • Billedkunst
  • Bioteknologi
  • Boldspil
  • Cambridge - English
  • Cambridge - Global Perspectives
  • Cambridge - Mathematics
  • Cambridge - Science
  • Demokrati
  • Ekstra fysik
  • Engelsk
  • eSport
  • Fitness
  • Foto
  • Fotokunst
  • Games
  • Global iværksætter
  • Goethe Tysk
  • Guitar
  • Høvdingebold
  • International linje
  • Jagttegn
  • Keyboard
  • Klaver
  • Køkken
  • Kost og ernæring
  • Kreativ
  • Kulturforståelse
  • Kunst
  • LEGOMindstorms
  • Lektiehjælp
  • Løb
  • Marketing
  • Medborgerskab
  • Morgensang
  • Motionscenter
  • Motionsløb
  • Naturvidenskab
  • Niveaudelt Engelsk
  • Nørdmatematik
  • Økonomi
  • Politik
  • Politiklinje
  • Programmering
  • Regnskab
  • Rejser
  • Samfundsfagslinje
  • Sammenspil
  • Science
  • Skuespil
  • Smykker
  • Sprog
  • Studieteknik
  • Teater
  • Tekstil
  • Udveksling
  • Verdensborgerskab
  • Videnskabsteori
  • Volleyball
Rejsby Europæiske Efterskole

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