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About the school

Sportsefterskolen SINE is known for its extraordinary sports facilities, high academic level and international width. We offer the opportunity of studying towards the internationally recognised Cambridge International Examinations and Goethe German.

At Sportsefterskolen SINE youngsters get a lifetime experience while being academically, mentally and physically prepped for the future.

Founded in Løgumkloster, in Southern Jutland, in 1997, Sportsefterskolen SINE is a new and modern school in all aspects. Today, the school houses around 245 9th and 10th grade students, who immerse themselves in their favourite sports. But the school’s focus on sports does not mean that students are not academically focused. We try to teach students how to transfer the discipline from the sports hall to the classroom. 
SINE is among the top-ten in the country when it comes to average grades and 90 per cent of students go on to take part in advanced secondary education.

An international profile
While pupils at Sportsefterskolen SINE study the subjects on the Danish curriculum, the school also offers several opportunities to add a broader and more international base for further studies. For year 10, an international class is taught 100 per cent in English enabling students from abroad to take part. Furthermore, the school offers the opportunity of studying towards the internationally recognised Cambridge International Examinations.  The school also offers Danish as a foreign language and Goethe German. All the teachers teaching the course are native speakers so it is really something which prepares students if they want to move on to international schools and universities later.
The Cambridge International Examinations give students access to International Baccalaureates all over the world.

Seeing the world
Badminton, Dance, Football, Fitness, Handball and Golf are all among the sports offered at Sportsefterskolen SINE. The school, which is surrounded by some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature, boasts a wide range of facilities including several sports halls, game pitches, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and even a driving range. All our sports programmes offer the best possible facilities. For our new golf class we have established a driving range and a small area for playing. Apart from that, students will play on the courses of nearby golf clubs and as a feature absolute unique to our school we can, thanks to a sponsorship from ECCO, offer students to play in ECCO’s huge indoor golf hall. It is one of the best winter facilities in Europe and it means that students will not have to rely on computer simulations but can practice in real life all year round.

On top of the great facilities at the school, students will also get to experience one of the international hotspots for their particular sport. For example, boys following the school’s football programme visit Liverpool, home to Liverpool FC, while the football girls and golf students travel to Atlanta. Handball students travel to Bangkok. Badminton pupils fly to Beijing and dance students go to New York.

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Educational offers

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Below is a selection of the subjects offered by the school.
The subjects are sorted into three levels to show how much the individual subject on average takes up the schedule per week.

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  • Badminton
  • Boldspil
  • Cambridge - English
  • Cambridge - Global Perspectives
  • Cambridge - Mathematics
  • Cambridge - Science
  • Cykelcross
  • Danselinje
  • Fitness
  • Fitnesslinje
  • Fodboldlinje
  • Goethe Tysk
  • Golflinje
  • Håndboldlinje
  • Idrætslinje
  • International linje
  • Konditionstræning
  • Motion
  • Motionscenter
  • Mountainbike
  • Niveaudelt boglig undervisning
  • Pigefodbold
  • Rejser
  • Skilinje
  • Skisimulator - indendørs
  • Sport
  • Sportslinje
  • Sprog
  • Street Dance
  • Styrketræning
Sportsefterskolen SINE

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